The Strategy of Tartu Rural Development Association for years 2008-2013 is a document which lays down the agreements of the members of Tartu Rural Development Association (hereinafter: TRDA) on the development of 17 activity areas located within the borders of local governments of Tartu County – Alatskivi, Haaslava, Kambja, Konguta,Laeva, Luunja, Meeksi, Mäksa, Nõo, Peipsiääre, Puhja,Tartu, Tähtvere,Vara, Võnnu and Ülenurme rural municipalities and the town of Kallaste.

The strategy is characterised by a value-based and human-centred approach. The core values of TRDA are:

  • CARE

The three strategic target groups chosen by TRDA are entrepreneurs, communities and young people.

The strategy is implemented through 3 measures:

  • Entrepreneurship measure;
  • Youth measure;
  • Community measure.

The purpose of the entrepreneurship measure is to increase the economic viability and competitiveness of micro and small enterprises.
The activities carried out under this measure include:

  • Increasing the value of local natural and cultural resources and human capacity;
  • Supporting joint and place marketing and initiation of clusters;
  • Creation of innovative products and services.

The purpose of the youth measure is to create conditions that promote initiative and entrepreneurial activities among young people.
The activities carried out under this measure include:

  • Creation of development possibilities and conditions for young people;
  • Creation and development of networks that support the development of young people;
  • Supporting the self-initiative of young people.

The purpose of the community measure is to increase the capability of communities to shape their living environment.
The activities carried out under this measure include:

  • Establishment of new community services based on local needs;
  • Creation of conditions for joint activities;
  • Creation and strengthening of cooperation networks between communities.

More specific conditions of these measures have been laid down in the operational programme of Tartu Rural Development Association, available on TRDA’s homepage at


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